Out to Sea

Pat got underway today for a little over a week. Before heading too far out to sea, they stopped and practiced dropping their anchor. I took the kids to Fort Story where we had a great view of this. I wanted to try to give Jack a better understanding of what it meant that Daddy was underway or at sea. He liked that he could see the ship but kept asking me if it could come closer and put the bridge over, meaning the gangway. We spent a delightful hour watching the ship and playing around the rocks. The kids were great and the weather was great. There were also dolphins jumping around all over the place. Some were probably only 20 ft out in the water from where we were standing. And the best is that Jack was the first to see them – “I just saw a dolphin jump Mommy!” This afternoon Jack asked several times if we could go back to where we saw Daddy’s ship. I might take them back see the lighthouses there some day soon because we had such a good time today.

I have no idea what they were looking at, but it was pretty cute.

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