Before & After

I have a few improvements to my kitchen that I would like to make…sometime in the near future. I’m thinking about a tile backsplash to add a little pop of color and maybe some paint. I’ve only been thinking about it for six months and I think I’ve figured out what I want to do. The hardest part has been choosing a color. I know that I want a glass subway tile…just want to get the color right.
Now I’m pretty sure about the color, but I haven’t made any more progress. Pat mentioned that I should get some material to cover a bench seat that we have in the breakfast nook. I thought that was about the last thing I was going to do in my kitchen…until we decided to have 35 people over and it looked like this…

First of all, I should mention that the bench was a great bargain at only $12 at a Christmas Tree Shop. It required a few holes redrilled to put it together and a lot of extra swearing on Pat’s part, but I know he was very proud of his bargain and his handiwork. It currently holds a bin of baseball hats, one bin for Casey’s shoes and coats and one for Jack’s.
Most of the grime and dirt is from Tugger. The bench is behind Casey’s chair at the table which is also where Tugger hangs out during meal times, waiting for Casey to drop her a few dinnertime treats. While Tugger is waiting for any stray food, she slobbers and as she circles around Casey’s chair she transfers the slobber to the bench.
The orange on the bench is a decorating touch from Casey and her use of an orange marker. We keep those up high now.
So, two days before the Hail & Farewell, I ran out to Hancock Fabrics and found some great fabric. I think it may have cost a few cents more than the actual bench. So now…I love the look of the bench and the whole corner and I even think I’ve figured out what color to do the tiles in…kind of an apple green. Don’t hold your breath for the pictures of that project though.
Anyway, here is the after.
And now I’ve written a whole post about a bench. And I could probably right more but I won’t bore you any more.

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