True Stories of the Highway Patrol…or not

Jack is becoming quite a story teller. He’s getting very good at explaining what happened during the day to Pat when he comes home from work. But he’s also got a very good imagination and some of his stories aren’t exactly what you’d call “true.”

For instance, he told me that Daddy’s car got hit by a couple of others cars. Daddy’s car was fine but the other people had to get new ones. It was a him and a her, not a her and a her. But they got new cars. Pat verified that this story was not true.
Today, Jack dressed up as Batman (so I knew this wasn’t a real story.) He told me that he didn’t want to wear the mask because he had to save the world over and over again. I asked him why he didn’t want to wear the mask. He explained that he couldn’t save the world with a scary mask on and also that it was hard to breathe with the mask on.
Thankfully, he’s taking a break from saving the world and has gone to bed with a minimal amount of coming out of his bedroom. And I’m going to go watch The Office season premiere.

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