Where did my good sleepers go?

Not much from me lately because I seem to be spending my evenings trying to get Jack to go to sleep. Tonight I stood outside his door and repeatedly put him back to bed…it took about 15 times and a trip to the potty. I’m also transitioning Casey to one nap. She finally took a good one today.

Yesterday I put the kids down for a nap. I jumped in the shower about 20 minutes later. By the time I was out, Casey was screaming from her bedroom. After I got her, Jack appeared from his room and told me that he was just waiting for me to get out of the shower. Obviously he’d been out of his room and knew I was showering. But, I don’t know if he woke up Casey or Casey woke him up. Either way, they were both up after 30 minutes of napping. It made for a pretty long day.
On Friday night, Pat and I had date night. Jack managed to swindle the new babysitter into reading to him until 9:30pm. He kept saying, “Another one?” and she kept reading him another one. And then he was up bright and early at 6am. I heard go into the bathroom and use the potty. When I got up a few minutes later to check on him, he was laying on the carpet with his pants around his ankles, just waiting for someone to get up. I guess I should have just left him there…maybe he would have fallen back asleep.
We had a great time at a birthday party on Saturday at The Little Gym. Jack loved tumbling around and jumping on things. So much so, that we ended up enrolling him for the fall “semester.” Now I don’t feel so left out of all the back to school mania…Jack is starting a class too.

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