Growing Up?

After only a few days away during my trip to Maine, Jack and Casey really seemed to grow up. Jack informed me that he now needs reading glasses when he reads. And Casey tried to give up napping. While Jack’s new Thomas the Train sunreading glasses don’t really bother me, the lack of napping was not making me happy.

Casey has generally been pretty easy to put down for a nap. Put her in the crib, give her a kiss and tell her to have a good nap. She also wakes up pretty easily, often playing in her crib for a while before she even cries. But after I got back from my trip, she started screaming as soon as she saw the crib. After I put her in the crib, she threw all her pacifiers on the floor and just screamed and screamed.

I thought maybe she was starting to drop one of her naps, but she was still acting tired. I was baffled as to why she seemed scared of her crib. I mentioned to Pat one night that maybe she thought that if she went to sleep, I wouldn’t be here when she woke up because I had been gone for those 2 days. He quickly dismissed it as a somewhat ludicrus thought. But…I think maybe I was right. Now that I’ve been home for almost a week and gotten her out of her crib every day, she’s back to my sweet napping girl.

So, I guess it’s nice to be missed. And while I wouldn’t mind if she drops that first nap, because it’s probably about time, I’d prefer it not to involve screaming at the sight of the crib.

Speaking of being missed…my mother-in-law was really concerned about Tugger while I was gone because she was just moping around and didn’t seem herself. Looks like even the dog missed me as she was back to her usual self after I got home. It was kind of nice to know she missed me. When Pat is gone she goes to the door every night and looks for him to come home and kind of mopes around all evening. It gets worse the longer he is gone…and I get mad at her because I’m the one who gives her food and treats and takes her for walks, whether Pat is here or not. So it’s good to see that she misses me too when I’m gone.


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