10 Things Jack & Casey Said Today

1.  “That’s Duncan!  That’s Duncan!” – Jack, after seeing a train friend of Thomas on the internet that I’ve never heard of, but apparently must have been on one of those videos from the library.  

2.  “Hi!” – Casey, smiling so cute, when I went to get her out of her crib after her nap.
3.  “I have a boo boo still on my knee.  Maybe my bum will help.”  – Jack, making no sense whatsoever.  But he does have a boo boo on his knee.
4.  “I want to eat dinner in the water.”  – Jack, pretending that the driveway is the beach/ocean, and not wanting to come inside for dinner. 
5.  “Uh oh.”  – Casey, after spilling the yogurt all over herself while trying to learn the mechanics of the spoon.
6.  “I love her.” – Jack, talking about a friend we met at the park today.
7.  “Jack and Daddy like the Phillies.  Mommy and Casey like the Red Sox.”  – Jack, after being asked if he cheers for the Red Sox.
8.  “Dad – dee!  Dad – dee!” – Casey, when Pat got home today, after a 4 day underway.
9.  “I don’t want to go outside until Taylor is done with her nap.”  – Jack, talking about our neighbor’s daughter and our new Friday afternoon playdate with her.
10.  “I am the Easter Bunny.” – Jack, getting down on his belly and pretending to eat the grass like a bunny. 

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