Morning Wakeup

Normally I wake up to the sounds of “Mommy!  Mommy!” coming from Jack’s room.  Occasionally I wake up before the kids and lay in bed until I hear them.  Pat is usually up really early and I don’t even hear his alarm clock anymore.  This morning, I started waking up out of the 24-induced weird dream that I have on Monday nights/mornings, and started to wonder why.  In my dream, we were finally taking care of the bad guys, strangely one was Nancy Pelosi.  But apparently I wasn’t going to finish that dream. 

– Actual thoughts – 
Are you serious?  It’s not even 6 o’clock yet?  That better not be Jack yelling from his room.  It kind of sounds like an alarm clock.  Oh, maybe it’s the one in the guest room.  Maybe Jack pushed the buttons and turned it on somehow.  It’ll stop in a minute I think.  
– 2 minutes later –
Why hasn’t that alarm stopped yet?  I don’t even know where there is another alarm in the house.  Maybe our bathroom?  No, it’s not loud enough to be in our bathroom.  
– I get out of bed and head into the hallway –
Is it coming from Jack’s room?  Wouldn’t he wake up if there was an alarm clock going off in his room?  Should I go in there?  No, I’ll check the guest room first although it doesn’t sound like it’s in there.  Why would I think it was in Jack’s room?  He doesn’t even have a clock in there.
I head downstairs and grope around in the dark on the counter since it is obviously coming from there.  It turns out to be an alarm clock that Pat bought this weekend, primarily because it docks his iPod.  However, he told me it didn’t work and wanted me to take it back.  The alarm clock definitely works.  I push every button on this thing.  I have the exact same one in our bedroom so I know how it’s supposed to turn off.  Nothing is working.  Maybe Pat left the batteries in it.  Nope, there are no batteries in it.  No batteries to take out and no way to turn the alarm off?  You have to be kidding me.  Where can I put this so I no longer have to hear it?  Finally I put it in the garage.  The beeping gets quieter and quieter as I head up the stairs.  
Unfortunately I couldn’t fall back asleep until 7, but at least the kids waited until 7:45 to wake me up.

One thought on “Morning Wakeup

  1. Oh my goodness! That definitely sounds like a nightmare. My morning wakeups are my mini dachshund crying and howling in his cage outside my bedroom. Emmy is usually in with me by then, I think it is behavioral and have no idea what to do about it! Oh well, at least you solved your issue:)


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