Things to Do

I’ve now spent about 3 hours on writing a couple posts and setting up my blog.  3 hours?  What happened to all those other things I was going to do when I had the time?  I kind of have a to-do list of things to do when I have time –

  • scrapbooking
  • setting up the time capsule to backup the computer
  • backing up my photos
  • organizing the pictures I’ve had developed
  • scanning some old photos to share on Facebook
  • updating baby books
  • organizing the garage  
But now I’m spending even more time writing a blog.  I’m sure this pace can’t last.  My claim is that I’m trying to capture all the funny things that my kids are saying and doing and I haven’t even done that yet.  If I do keep writing on here though, I’ll probably start writing more about the kids and I’ll have that captured at least.  Maybe someday I’ll come back to my blog and be able to use what I wrote to inspire some scrapbook pages, and I’ll probably capture some of those important moments that go in baby books.  So, I guess all is not lost.  
And the kids aren’t really doing anything funny right now – poor little Casey is asleep in Pat’s arms, not feeling very well today.  Jack is supposed to be napping, but I hear him thumping around in his bedroom.  I’m going to go try to remedy that and after…maybe I’ll scrapbook on this lazy Saturday afternoon.  

One thought on “Things to Do

  1. ME TOO! I now have a running to-do list in a notebook, but barely look at it because a) it depresses me with my lack of time and energy, b) it never changes, and c) nothing really gets crossed off and stays off. All these “projects” and ideas swimming in my head, and with FB as an addiction, it doesn’t help matters any. The internet in all its ways, shapes, and forms is a total mind and timesuck.


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